How do I start a parking ticket?

Start a parking ticket via the app

1. Search for the parking space via the map view or by entering the zone code.
2. Select the desired stop time for the ticket by moving the slider or clicking on the time displayed for automatic stop time.
3. Press 'Select vehicle and park'.
4. Tap on the vehicle for which the ticket should apply.
5. The ticket has been started

Start a parking ticket via SMS

Send an SMS with zone code, registration number and social security number to 0707-13 14 15
Example: 12345 ABC123 7106061325

To start a long-term ticket via SMS, add DAY, WEEK, MONTH or YEAR.
Example: MONTH 12345 ABC123 7106061325

Please note that for SMS parking you need to receive a reply receipt by SMS indicating that parking has been started.

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