How do I create an Parkster account?

How to create an account - with a Swedish social security number

Create an account via the app

1. Download the app via the App Store or Google Play.
2. Go to the app and tap 'Get started!'
3. Fill in your email, phone number and choose a password. Default country for parking is 'Sweden'.
4. Press 'Create account'. An account is now created.
5. Tap on 'Start BankID App'.
6. Carry out the verification via the BankID app.
7. Once the data is downloaded, choose to start parking or change the payment method.

Create an account via SMS

When you park by SMS for the first time, an account is created automatically.

Enter ZONE CODE, REG NO. and SOCIAL SECURITY NO. in an SMS and send it to 0707-13 14 15.

Ex. 12345 ABC123 7106061325.

When the reply receipt is received, parking is started and the account is created.


How to create an account - without a Swedish social security number

Via the app, you can choose to register without verifying with BankID. You then enter your name, address and select your country.

If you do not have a Swedish social security number/BankID, you must register a credit card as a payment method. It is not possible to start a parking ticketg without this being registered.

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